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New UN report co-authored by Dr. Walther examines women market activities in West Africa

Visiting Associate Professor Olivier Walther completed a 6-month comparative study for the World Food Programme (WFP) Regional Bureau for West Africa on women market activities this month. The study examined the role that women play in the rural market economy and the agricultural and livestock sector value chain, from production at village level through to the processing and commercial trading of farm output in West Africa. In their report, Dr Walther and his colleagues Leena Hoffmann and Paul Melly, both at Chatham House in London, examined the constraints that tend to limit the scope for women to achieve higher incomes from a more diverse and sustainable range of agriculture-related activities. Building on an empirical survey conducted in in Nigeria and Niger, their report provides recommendations that can be useful in improving the outcomes of United Nations interventions that are focused on gender equality and the empowerment of women.


CAS News Bulletin- Week of October 30, 2017