Outreach Feature: Felicity and Ebenezer Tackey-Otoo

Published: November 13th, 2017

Category: Outreach Feature, People of CAS

Eastside High School

Felicity Tackey-Otoo was at the Eastside High School on Thursday November 2, 2017 to give a presentation on traditional and modern dressing in Ghana during their History of Africa course. She used various traditional and modern Ghanaian clothing as examples for students.  She talked about the kinds and types of clothes like kente and wax prints worn for various occasions and celebrations. She displayed clothes, shoes, accessories and dressed a mannequin. Felicity was dressed in kaba and slit (traditional long skirt and blouse). The students also tried on the various attires including the batakari – a traditional smock typically worn by men in the Northern part of Ghana. She also taught them how to wear the one-piece cloth worn by men in the southern part of Ghana. The ladies tried on the wrappers, tied headgears and traditional glass beads. Students learned about dressing in Ghana and some broad knowledge about Africa. Felicity was reports that the students were very enthusiastic and wanted to know more about Ghana and the continent of Africa as a whole.

Oak Hall International Festival


Felicity Tackey-Otoo and Ebenezer Tackey-Otoo (Construction Management Ph.D students) represented the Center for African Studies at the Oak Hall International Festival on November 4, 2017 in Gainesville. They displayed clothes, shoes, accessories and dressed mannequin at an exhibit table decorated with creative items from Ghana. They also set up a music station playing African music and dancing. Felicity was dressed in kaba and slit (tradition long skirt and blouse) and Ebenezer wore an African print shirt. They had many visitors especially children coming to their booth to play some of the musical instruments. In one of the activities, Ebenezer played an immigration officer while Felicity played consular general. They interviewed the kids and issued dummy visas to Ghana.

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