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Student Feature: Carli Snyder, CAS Undergraduate Ambassador

In her work this semester at the Center for African studies, Carli Snyder hopes gain more knowledge and insight on how she can forward the Center as much as possible in my last semester. She wants to make the most of the hours she spend working, whether that means learning from faculty members or interacting with the general student body. Carli would like to work with her peers on creating events that could create more awareness about the Center and using different skills as a collaborate effort to do so.

Long term, Carli’s work goals include empowering women through microfinancing and education in East Africa. Although she has a regional interest in East Africa, she would like to expand her knowledge to focus on Muslim communities in other areas of Africa. Carli believes that humanitarian aid can come in many forms and would like to practice in a way that does not create Western dependency, marginalize different religious groups or create stigmas. She is excited to work with the Center as it will provide her with a foundation to learn from African Studies faculty as well as work closely with other students toward a common goal.

CAS News Bulletin- Week of April 2, 2018