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Dr. Nancy Hunt Announced 2018 Guggenheim Fellow.

Dr. Nancy Hunt has been announced as a 2018 Guggenheim Fellow. Congratulations!

Her project, “Ideation as History: Dream Collectors and Picture Archives from Post-1968 Urban Congo” seeks to join images and words to dreaming in the ex-Belgian Congo. Her approach uses both history and anthropology to consider how text-image links to Congo’s postwar period.

She will use two archives of Congolese-created pictures and text to think about the history of daydreaming, nightmares, childhoods, and dream-collecting within a single post colony. In addition to her archival work, Dr. Hunt will use fieldwork to invite a wide spectrum of Kinshasa residents to read, see, and interpret text-images from the two archival collections. Through investigating pictures, ideations, categories, and borderlines, Dr. Hunt’s research will seek to obliquely engage the emergent, contradictory spaces of “global mental health,” a psychiatric field wending its way into Africa as research and care. To learn more, visit her Guggenheim Fellow Profile.


CAS News Bulletin- Week of April 9, 2018