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Georgie Breville’s family recipe: Potiron or Giraumon Soup

I am honored to share my father’s secret  ‘Potiron or Giraumon soup”.
there is nothing secret about it other than a simple way to get his
twelve kids eating their soup which was known  as ‘la Soupe des Fous’.
As kids my father endlessly told us about la légende de la Courge de
Mailhac and Cendrillon et  la Citrouille.  Ever since, he said, it was
served daily at most institutions for it’s health benefits.

A simple recipe from Georgie’s kitchen – Butternut Squash Soup.
Butternut squash is of a long pale cream color- celebrated for its
versatility and sweet, nutty flavor.
Butternut squash is also a fruit and makes delicious desserts.
Found  fresh in all supermarkets.

1  fresh butternut squash, cubed, with all skin and seeds removed
(place in microwave to soften the skin).
1 small sweet onion
1 Tbspoon of butter
2 or 3 cups of vegetable or unsalted chicken broth (1 bowl per person)
or your preferred consistency.
1 tsp of black pepper, dash of salt, dash of sugar.
1 tsp of corn starch or flour
1Tbspoon of coconut milk or half&half (optional)
Whole Star anise and juniper berries
Fresh sage leaf  together with the  whole star anise and two juniper
berries  to place on top of each soup bowl before serving (keep you
bowl soup warm).
Traditional blender to puree the squash.

1. Cook – Place the diced butternut squash in  your pot  with the
broth and butter until tender. 10mins

2.-Blend – Puree the hot soup with one small onion and the tspoon of
corn starch/flour until smooth ( depending on your blender size)

3.-Taste and season – add sugar, salt, coconut milk or half & half ( if desired)

4.-Enjoy – keep the soup on low temp until ready to serve.
Serve hot with the star anise, juniper berries, and the sage leaf on
top at the end.

You can add your own twist! apple, fresh cilantro, and much more.

Photo: Bamba Sourang/Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority via CNN