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Graduate Courses

The Center for African Studies offers a wide variety of courses across multiple disciplines.

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AFS 5061 Africana Bibliography
Survey of advanced reference, specialized research tools (including variety of electronic databases, published paper indexes, and bibliographies), and methods for graduate-level research in all disciplines of African area studies.

AFS 6305 Development Theory and Practice in Africa and Latin America
Introducing the basic core competencies and practical skills required of a development practitioner.  It differs from other development courses at UF by uniquely focusing on the inter-relationship between management, health, natural and social sciences in African development contexts and by emphasizing both theory and practice.

AFS 6307 Foundations of Economics for Sustainable Development
Providing students with limited economics background with a foundation in development economics, with attention devoted to sustainable development. Students learn about the major theoretical debates within the discipline, the most current research topics and apply their knowledge to the comparative analysis of development in Africa and Latin America.

AFS6905 – Individual Work 

Special topics in African studies. Rotating topics may include:

New Approaches Islam
Anthropology Of Migration
Conservation/Development Practice
Global Connections
Sahel Seminar
Design/Methodology Sustainable Practice
Seminar on African Politics
Diasporas of Africa
Islam in Africa
Project Areas Management Africa
Development Administrations