African Studies Graduate Courses

The Center for African Studies offers a wide variety of courses across multiple disciplines.

Spring 2016


AFS 6905 Global Connections

AFS 6905 Sahel Seminar

AFS 6905 Global Mental Health

AFS 6905 Design/Methodology Sus. Practice

AFS 6307 Fnd Economic Sustainable Development


Fall 2015

AFS 6905 Seminar on African Politics

AFS 6905 Diasporas of Africa

AFS 6905 Islam in Africa

AFS 6905 Project Areas Management Africa

AFS 6905 Development Administrations

AFS 6905 Conversation/Dev Prac

AFS 6905 Global Gender Violence

AFS 6905 Sahel Seminar

AFS 6305 Dev Theory and Prac Int

AFS 5061 Africana Bibliography