African Studies Undergraduate Courses

The Center for African Studies offers a wide variety of courses across multiple disciplines.

Spring 2016

AFS 2002  African Experience

AFS 4935 African Women Writers

AFS 4935 Swahili Texts and Context

AFS 4935 African Language Worldview

AFS 4935 African Oral Literature

AFS 4935 French Cinema and Literature

AFS 4935 Global Connections

AFS 4935 Anthropology of Modern Africa

AFS 4935 Women/Politics in Africa

AFS 4935 Global Mental Health

Fall 2015

AFS 4935 Global Gender Violence

AFS 4935 Laughter in Africa

AFS 4935 Gender and Development in Africa

AFS 4935 Islam in Africa

AFS 4935 Global Africa

AFS 4935 Diasporas of Africa

AFS 4935 African Economic Development

AFS 4935 Swahili Texts and Tontext

AFS 4935 African Business Culture


For further information or consultation, please contact:

Dr. Todd Leedy
Undergraduate Coordinator