Housing Opportunities

The University of Florida is a comprehensive public research university encompassing virtually all academic and professional disciplines, and member of the Association of American Universities. Its beautiful 2,000-acre campus is located within the city of Gainesville, a diverse community of over 120,000 people. June and July are months when Gainesville moves from sub-tropical to tropical, with daytime highs regularly 88-94F (31-34C) and continuously high levels of humidity. Overnight lows are typically 72-77F (22-25C) and no change in humidity. Late afternoon showers and thunderstorms are common as the Florida sunshine heats up moist summer air. Unless you are well-adjusted to such climates, air-conditioned living space is recommended and most apartments, condos, and houses are equipped with central systems. All UF classrooms and administrative buildings are air-conditioned.

Housing for Boren funded students

Boren funded students participating in the 2017 AFLI program are required to live on-campus. UF Housing Department will provide single room suites (one student in a room but with shared bathroom and shower for two) in Beaty hall for the program.


Rent = $39 per day (June 2 – July 29 = $2262)


Students who live on-campus during the program can take advantage of the university students’ Meal Plan, which they will pay for individually.


Meal Plans

Option 1: Conference dinning plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner @ $28 per day X 57 days (June 3 and July 29) = $1,596.

Option 2: Conference Dinning means (a la carte) $30 per day X 57 days (June 3 and July 29) = $1,710.

Non-Boren students can also apply to stay in Beaty hall. Any student who is interested in doing so should get in touch with us latest by the end of April. For students who will like off-campus accommodation, summer subleases abound in Gainesville like many university towns, and it is a buyer’s market for housing. To assess a broader range of housing options, visit any of the following websites (UF and CAS do not endorse or guarantee any of the services or properties offered therein):

Apartments In Gainesville


Bosshardt Property Management – Gainesville

Casa Marta

Craigslist Gainesville

Gainesville Apartment & Condo Guide

Gainesville Sun


Independent Florida Alligator


Swamp Rentals

TriMark Properties

Rent To Own 

For convenient proximity to the University of Florida campus, the following two locations are close to campus.

Location 1 South West (SW)

Between West University Avenue and SW 8th Avenue, and between SW 10th Street and SW 13th Street

Location 2 North West (NW)

Between West University and NW 5th Avenue, and between NW 13th Street and NW 18th Street