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SouthEast Africanist Network (SEAN)

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Founded at the University of Florida in 2000, the SEAN mission is to promote cooperation and collaboration amongst Africanist scholars in expanding the presence of African Studies programs at colleges and universities throughout the Southeast region. In 2010, SEAN partnered with the Southeastern Regional Seminar on African Studies (SERSAS) for a joint conference and the two groups have co-sponsored an annual meeting ever since.


2019 SERSAS-SEAN Annual Joint Spring Meeting

African Technologies and Creativity: Innovation in Times of Uncertainty

With support from the University of Florida Center for African Studies and the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill African Studies Center.


Previous SEAN Meetings

2018 African Roots: Reflections on Origins, Identities and Voices from the African Past and Present

2017 21st Century Resiliency: Sustainable Development and US – Africa Relations

2016 What’s in Play? Sport, Leisure, and Culture in Africa

2015 Journeys of Reconciliation: The New South, the New South Africa, and Nelson Mandela

2014 Memory and Imagination in the Making of African Identities

2013  Africa Looks Back: Reflections, Constructions, Imaginations

2012  Border Crossings, Migrations, and Interventions

2011  Africa Connected: Movement, Flow, and Change

2010  Faith, Culture, and the Politics of Belonging

2009  Africana Studies: the Search for Methodologies

2008  Africa and the Americas: Cultural Representations and Social Movements

2007  Cinema and the Construction of Gender in Africa

2006  The African Experience in Europe through Cinema

2005  The Dynamics of African Governance, Society, and Culture in the Context of Globalization

2004  Africa 1994-2004: A Decade in Retrospective

2003  Africa Beyond 3-D: Altering Images & Changing Perceptions for the 21st Century

2002  African Studies after 9/11: Challenges & Priorities