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Alyson Young

defaultDr. Alyson Young is an Assistant Research Scientist, Health Outcomes & Policy Faculty, Institute for Child Health Policy


Ph.D. University of Arizona
M.A. Ohio State University
B.A. Ohio State University

Research Interests:

Global health issues including structural violence, maternal and child health and interaction, child survival, and health and human rights among nomadic populations. Perceptions and response to risk and vulnerability including food security and health acquisition behavior in shifting political, economic, and social contexts. Application of anthropology to public health and policy including examinations of emerging/re-emerging infectious disease, ethnoveterinary medicine, and zoonotic disease transfer

Countries / Regions of Expertise:

Tanzania, East Africa


2199 Mowry Rd., Room 142
PO Box 100147
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 294-8128

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