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CBNRM Activities

Summer 2010

Visit primary partner, University of Botswana

  • Discuss the development of new partnership in the Macarthur Foundation funded Masters in Sustainable Development Practice (MDP). This provides an opportunity to build CBNRM into the MDP Degree Program
  • Discuss details for a 2-week CBNRM training short course to be hosted by University of Botswana along with Namibian University of Science and Technology for summer 2011

Visit primary partner, Namibian University of Science and Technology

  • Upgrade syllabus for CBNRM and on curriculum / capacity development strategy

Visit primary partner, WWF-Namibia

  • Assess synergies for CBNRM capacity-building linked to WWF Namibian and Regional CBNRM Support programs
  • Formulate strategy to document and make accessible available training materials and experiences to a much wider training audience

Test curricular materials (CBNRM Governance): Botswana and Namibia

  • Training materials, especially those related to governance in the field in partnerships with communities, WWF-NamibiaWilderness Safaris and others

Develop and coordinate curriculum materials for “Foundations of CBNRM” text

Develop outline curriculum materials for “Economics and Business of CBNRM” text

Plan and coordinate for Economics and Business of CBNRM workshop to be hosted in November, 2010 (Nelspruit, South Africa)

Spring 2010

Implemented Workshop:  Bridging Conservation and Development in Latin America and Africa: 28-30 January, in Gainesville, University of Florida

  • Organized a half-day pre-conference meeting for Africanist participants on Jan. 27, 2010
  • Organized a post-conference Educators Workshop on Feb. 1, 2010

Planned and implemented workshop: 28 February – 3 March, in Kruger National Park, South Africa

  • Attended by 50 participants including 25 practitioners from SANParks
  • Developed technical outline for book: “Foundations of CBNRM”
  • Stakeholder input in curriculum development products for all levels 

Fall 2009

Tested curricular materials (CBNRM Governance): 16 – 20 November in Maun, Botswana

  • Funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and hosted byKalahari Conservation Society
  • 49 attendees from Government (12), Community Leadership (18), Private Sector (5), NGOs (5), University of Botswana, (4) Minister of Environment and Tourism-Botswana, and others
  • Materials included governance manual and six mini-manuals

Planned conference and workshop: Bridging Conservation and Development in Latin America and Africa: 28-30 January, Gainesville, University of Florida

Conference sessions were organized around three primary topics:

    1. Changing contexts for conservation and development – economic globalization, environmental change, and alliances between social movements and political actors
    2. Changing strategies – rights-based approaches, market-based approaches, multi-scale landscape management, and cross-sectoral partnerships and networks
    3. Training and capacity building of the next generation of conservation and development practitioner

Summer 2009

Visited the following primary and secondary partners:

Conducted Pilot CBNRM Training Workshop: 14 – 17 July in Maun, Botswana

  • Hosted/Funded by Wilderness Safaris, Botswana
  • Attended by leaders from OCT, NG32, Khwai and Mababe communities; government officials; University of Botswana; District Council; Private Sector (hunting and tourism); and Visiting Researchers

Implemented Workshop: 20 July – 24 July, 2009 in Pretoria, South Africa

  • Attended by 69 participants from 9 countries in Southern Africa and beyond
  • Developed strategy for regional training needs and priorities

Spring 2009

  • Initiated project activities
  • Planned stakeholders’ workshop: 20 July – 24 July, 2009 in Pretoria, South Africa
  • Collaborated with WWF-Namibia and WWF-Southern African Regional Program Office
  • Cultivated past (IUCN-SASUSG) and developed new individual and organizational relationships to formulate/strengthen a community-of-practice for CBNRM