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To fulfill one of the project’s main objectives, we have collected CBNRM-related curricula from throughout the region and made them available as PDF documents below.

If you have any additional materials to contribute to this page, please contact us.

Botswana Wildlife Training Institute

Prospectus (PDF)
Curriculum: Diploma in Wildlife Mgmt. & Conservation (PDF)
Curriculum: Certificate in Wildlife Mgmt. & Conservation (PDF)

Botswana Department of Wildlife & National Parks

Practitioners Manual: CBNRM in Botswana (PDF)

University of Namibia

Prospectus: Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Resources (PDF)
Prospectus: Faculty of Science (PDF)

Polytechnic of Namibia

Curriculum & Syllabi: Master in Integrated Land Mgmt. (PDF)

Sokoine University of Agriculture

Curriculum: BSc Forestry (PDF)
Curriculum: BSc Wildlife Mgmt. (PDF)
Curriculum: MSc Mgmt. of Natural Resources & Sustainable Agriculture (PDF)
Curriculum: MSc Wildlife Mgmt. (PDF)
Proposal: Bachelor of Tourism Mgmt. (PDF)