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Workshop #2

A CBNRM workshop and writeshop was conducted to initiate development of curricular materials for a significant number of universities and colleges in the Southern African region. Additionally, to provide a synergistic relationship between Africa and Latin America within the context of issues related to: People, Communities, Parks, Natural Resources Management, Development, Governance and Policy. This relationship was established with the recent conference entitled Bridging Conservation and Development in Latin America and Africa held in January 2010 at the University of Florida.

The workshop was co-sponsored by South Africa National Parks-SANParks.

Workshop Objectives

The workshop had multiple objectives and was designed to obtain broad stakeholder input into the early phase of the project implementation.

  • To examine and bridge conservation and development issues: Africa and Latin America
  • To develop materials for the book entitled, “Foundations of CBNRM”
  • To allocate authorships for respective chapters and themes

The objectives were designed to obtain broad stakeholder input in curriculum development materials. Overall, it was envisaged to produce five texts targeted towards Bachelor and Master’s Degree Levels. Additionally, the “Foundation of CBNRM” will be an introductory book that can be used for all levels including the College Level. Also, a manual on the “Principles and Management of CBNRM” will be developed for the Private Sector to be used in a Short Course Certificate Program.

  1. Foundations of CBNRM
  2. Micro, Meso and Macro Governance of CBNRM
  3. Economics and Business of CBNRM
  4. NRM Pedagogy, Learning Systems and Adaptive Management
  5. CBNRM Case Studies


The workshop was attended by 25 individuals from 6 countries in Southern Africa (Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe), and Latin America (Brazil) representing academic, NGO, private and governmental organizations. Faculty members in attendance represented the primary and secondary partners. Twenty five practitioners from South Africa National Parks System-SANParks were also in attendance. In addition, key pioneers (e.g., Graham Child, Rowan Martin, David Cumming, and Michael Murphree) and researchers within the Southern Africa CBNRM movement were also invited to offer historical, current and future perspectives.

Dates: 28 February 2010 – 3 March 2010

Location: Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Curriculum Materials Framework

Attendance List of Stakeholder Organizations