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Student Feature: Ayobami Simeon Edun

Ayobami Simeon Edun is a first-year master’s student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida. He graduated from Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria in the top 3% of his class having succeeded in a wide range of courses. He also engaged in diverse projects ranging in focus from networking, telecommunications, and power, which spurred his interest in gaining industry experience in these areas before commencing graduate study. He worked as an Engineer first in the Telecoms industry and later in the Power sector. The experience he had in the industry coupled with the inefficiencies and lack in these sectors in his country and Africa motivated him to begin his graduate study at the University of Florida.

One of his professional interests is addressing the widening technology gap between developed and developing countries. He currently works with Dr. Ann Gordon-Ross who is actively engaged in areas of embedded systems and reconfigurable computing with experience of over a decade. His current research project, “Dynamic Scheduling of user applications on heterogeneous/homogeneous cores ensuring minimal energy consumption and maintaining the quality of Service,” revolves around computer architecture and caches, which are used to speed up computer performance.


In his Ph.D., he aims at bringing a synergy to networks, IoT, embedded systems and machines, learning to develop solutions to the problems in Africa’s IT sector.  His goal is to use knowledge learned to implement change in Nigeria and Africa at large, where the advancement of technology has not been prevalent. His current research will prepare him for the future where he plans to delve into embedded systems and build a base in Africa where smart devices will be developed for our own use and inculcated into our networks. He is also looking into smart farming with wireless sensors, smart grids and cyber-physical systems especially in Nigeria where the power sector has been a major issue.

CAS News Bulletin- Week of February 19, 2018