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Student Feature: Elisabeth Rios-Brooks, CAS Undergraduate Ambassador

Elisabeth Rios-Brooks is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Florida. She is currently double majoring in Anthropology and International Studies with a focus on Africa. Her involvement throughout her time at UF has consisted of a myriad of leadership positions related to African studies. Her most noteworthy, being Showcase Director for the African Student Union. In this position, Elisabeth is tasked with putting together ASU’s biggest event of the year which is themed “Umoja: The Threads of Africa.”

Elisabeth is also a University Scholar currently conducting fieldwork on African American Vernacular English at UF. She is hoping to not only travel to Florida Undergraduate Research Conference but also get published in UF’s Journal of Undergraduate Research. Elisabeth is also a student intern at the Harn Museum of Art under the African Curatorial Department. In the future, she hopes to continue conducting research on African studies and developing as a student of African studies.


CAS News Bulletin- Week of February 26, 2018