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Student Feature: Morgan Ungrady, CAS Undergraduate Ambassador

Morgan Ungrady is a 4th year Political Science major. She has a specialty in International Relations as well as a minor in French. Morgan has been involved with the Center for African Studies through research and working groups and is looking forward to developing her position within the Center. Morgan’s interest in the Center stemmed from the incredible faculty that she has had the pleasure of meeting, taking courses with, and doing research with.

Morgan is currently conducting research with a faculty member, Dr. Sebastian Elischer, through the Junior Fellows Program on Civil-Military Relations and jihadi occupations in Mali and Chad. This research, as well as courses she has taken pertaining to governance in Africa has solidified her passions and interests. She sustains a focus on Francophone Africa regarding development in government structures, military regimes, and developmental economics. Morgan is excited to guide fellow undergraduate students that are interested in African Studies by having conversations with them about what the discipline entails and all that it offers. She is also honored to work further with the talented and inspiring faculty members in the Center for African Studies.

Morgan is graduating in May of 2018 and she will move to Boston soon after to enter the workforce. She will attend law school after one or two years of working to pursue International Human Rights Law- which is a confluence of all of her passions in a career. Her goal is to work in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands, representing groups of peoples in Francophone Africa that have been mistreated and whose voices are not being heard in their own countries.


CAS News Bulletin- Week of March 26, 2018