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Staff Spotlight: Raeann Meyerhoff

Please join the Center in welcoming Raeann Meyerhoff, our new Administrative Support Assistant. Raeann is a recent University of Florida graduate and has a B.A. in International Studies with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. Raeann started out on an African Studies track as a freshman, and took Anthropology of Modern Africa with Dr. Kane. For the past year, Raeann has worked as a paraprofessional at Einstein School in Gainesville, aiding students with speech-based learning disabilities.

Raeann grew up in High Springs on the Sante Fe River, which has cemented her a lifelong interest in the environment. She hopes to enroll in the Florida Naturalist Program through University of Florida while working at the Center. This program is offered for professionals and adults interested in learning more about Florida’s natural environment. In the program, she would get to go on fieldtrips and learn about different ecosystems found throughout Florida.

Raeann also enjoys travelling, and she has traveled to South Africa, Peru, and Mexico. She has also visited most of the continental U.S. with her family on visits to state and national parks. Currently she is planning a trip to Japan and would like to go to Egypt in the future as well. She plays violin and guitar, and enjoys going to concerts, plays, and supporting the arts.

Stop by the Main Office soon to say hello!


CAS News Bulletin- Week of April 9, 2018