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Student Feature: Savannah Hall

Savannah Hall is a third year anthropology student, currently focusing her studies on zooarchaeology. She has studied Kiswahili at the University of Florida since her first semester, and continues to cultivate an interest in EastAfrican archaeological research. As a student ambassador for the Center for African Studies, she is excited to spread awareness about the plethora of options that the Center offers prospective students.

In 2017, Savannah traveled to East Africa with Yale University to further her Kiswahili studies. During these travels and with assistance from the UF Center for African Studies, she also conducted research comparing the portrayal of African women in literature to the experiences of modern Tanzanian women. Currently, she is working in the Florida Museum’s Environmental Archaeology department. Her time spent studying and researching in East Africa as well as in UF’s African Studies and Archaeology programs have helped to solidify her career goals. She continues today to co-run the UF Kiswahili table, offering assistance to lower level Kiswahili students.

Upon graduating in 2020, Savannah plans on working short term as an archaeological field technician before ultimately continuing her studies at the graduate level. Without limiting her future opportunities and interests within archaeology, she does hope to eventually partake in East African zooarchaeological and ethnoarchaeological research.