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Graduate Minor & Certificate

Although the Center does not currently offer a graduate degree in African studies, we do offer a graduate minor as well as a graduate certificate in African Studies.

Graduate Minor in African Studies

Graduate students may earn a minor in African Studies by taking at least 6 credits of courses with a majority African content and having on the supervisory committee at least one faculty member who is not from the student’s major department and is affiliated with the Center for African Studies.

All coursework for the graduate minor in African Studies must be in a department other than the student’s major. In special cases this requirement may be modified, but only with the written permission of the Dean of the Graduate School. A GPA of 3.0 is required for minor credit which will appear on the student’s transcript.

Graduate Certificate

CAS, in cooperation with participating departments, offers a Certificate in African Studies at both the master’s and the doctoral levels. Graduate students also have the option of pursuing a minor in African Studies.

Master Level Requirements

At least 12 credits of course work relating to Africa in at least two departments or academic units. These should include a one-credit bibliography course (AFS 5061) offered by the Africana collection librarians introducing students to printed and electronic resources on Africa. Credits from the study of an African language must be at the second year level and above.

Doctoral Level Requirements

15 credits of graduate level course work in at least two departments or academic units, including a one-credit Africana bibliography course (AFS 5061). Credits from the study of an African language must be at the second year level or above. One must also write a dissertation on an African topic supported by research in Africa or in relevant archival or museum collections located outside the continent.