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Global Science Awareness

Global Awareness: Science and Scientists on the African Continent
A Curricular Unit of Study developed for K-12 science teachers

Floating Cages installed in Lake Victoria for Nile tilapia production in Kisumu, Kenya.

Science is a human endeavor undertaken by people on different continents, of all ages, races, sexes, and nationalities (Weinburgh, 2003). Science is global!  African scientists are members of the global science community working to solve different global challenges in different scientific fields.

This global science curriculum, was developed to introduce teachers and students to the nature of science and the important role of African scientists as members of the global science community. In this module, the primary focus is on food science with comparisons to related areas of research in the United States. The activities are correlated to state and national science standards which will allow for ease of integration into the local science curriculum.  Resources are included to facilitate a deeper exploration of the diversity of Africa and its contributions to global science.

Developers: Dr. Rose Pringle and Dr. Teresa Mutahi

The development of this African Studies Global Science curriculum was supported byTitle VI National Resource Center: Next Generation Innovation in African studies: Building Knowledge and opportunity for impact. Grant number P0099485 by the U.S. Department of Education.

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Research scientists engage in training farmers on new science and technological advancement in aquaculture at Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute; Sang’oro Center, Kisumu, Kenya.