CAS Partnership Feature: Dr. Lugano and Technical University of Mombasa

Published: September 11th, 2017

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Dr. Rose Lugano spent her summer in Kenya, partnering with the Technical University of Mombasa on a project funded by the Carnegie Africa Diaspora Fellowship. This fellowship funds African faculty members in the US and Canada to partner with universities in their home countries throughout Africa on a variety of projects. Dr. Lugano worked with the Technical University of Mombasa on building their Kiswahili for Foreigners program. This program will be part of the building blocks of the Language Center the university intends to establish. It aims to teach Kiswahili to foreigners living in Kenya through short-term modules targeted at improving fluency.

Dr. Rose Lugano with Dr. Susan Bosire at Technical University of Mombasa

Eventually, the hope is for the Kiswahili program at the University to expand to be inclusive, with a full language program targeted at foreign and native language learners. Dr. Lugano partnered directly with Dr. Susan M. Bosire in developing the program and its curriculum.

Dr. Lugano stressed the importance of linkages between universities in developing and improving language programs—as this can improve the quality of language coursework and the relevancy of programs for students. She hopes to return to Mombasa next summer to provide support for the implementation of the program.

CAS News Bulletin: Week of September 11, 2017


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