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Research Reports

The Center for African Studies at the University of Florida publishes an annual compilation of all Faculty, Student and Collaborative Project Reports, in addition to other materials produced through the Center. To view and/or download our research reports from past years, please follow this link.

Interdisciplinary Working Groups

The Center for African Studies, with funding from a USED National Resource Center grant and from the UF Office of Research, sponsors a variety of collaborative interdisciplinary working groups. These thematic-oriented groups provide a forum for faculty and graduate students to pursue research and funding initiatives that cut across standard academic units. Group activities have also included symposia, mini-conferences, invited lectures, and fieldwork/methodology workshops. To learn more, click here. 

Sahel Research Group

The Sahel Research Group at the University of Florida is a collaborative effort to understand the political, social, economic and cultural dynamics of the countries of the West African Sahel. The focus of the group is primarily on the six Francophone countries of the region—Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad. They are also interested in developments in neighboring countries, to the north and south, whose dynamics frequently intersect with those of the Sahel. The Sahel Research Group brings together faculty and graduate students from various disciplines at the University of Florida, in collaboration with colleagues from the region. Please visit this page for information regarding the Trans-Saharan Elections Project (TSEP).

Research Archive

Since its inception, the Center for African Studies has initiated, supported and encouraged excellence in teaching and research on Africa in all the disciplines at the University of Florida. To review archived research projects, please click here.