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Spotlight Feature: James Inedu-George, CAS Architect-in-Residence

The Center for African Studies welcomes James Inedu-George, who joins the Center as Architect-in-Residence over the next few weeks. Inedu-George currently works as Architect and Head of Design Services for HTL Africa, Lagos. He is a Mega City Architect, and believes in the positivity of the mega city especially because of the unconventional uses that have architectural consequences. His work also centers on capturing the spirit of African cultures and re-engineering this same spirit into the conceptualization of future (African) megacities. This includes the mining of new typologies of architecture and building from the unconventional uses of todays Mega Cities and traditional African Cities. Currently, he is studying Dogon culture and architecture. In the past, his firm has used Hausa traditions and Architecture as an influence. Inedu-George also seeks to establish how contemporary African architecture can be recognized and valued for its contributions on a global scale. HTL wants to build new forms of Mega City as catalysts to improve the older cities and economics of the day.

As CAS Architect-in-Residence, Inedu-George will give a lecture on February 10 at 6:15pm in 103 FAB, titled, “Nothing Nowhere.” The lecture draws on his studies of Dogon culture and tradition. He will use the lecture to unpack some of the 366 sacred symbols of the Dogon in the context of architecture and design. These symbols are believed to have been left to the Dogon people by their spiritual ancestors and are notable for their connections to modern concepts in cosmology and science.

His residency will also result in the design and construction of a pavilion structure in the University as a mirror for a similar Pavilion to be constructed by students at Cedar Key. This project will attempt to merge the architectural ideas and philosophies of UF faculty and students with those of Inedu-George and his firm. Still in its preliminary stages of planning, Inedu-George intends for the structure to be semi-permanent and mobile. More details to come on how to visit the structure once it is complete.

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